- Walking On the Pier with Himby CrystieCookie999
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16 line free verse poem on love
Walking On the Pier with Him by CrystieCookie999
Love Poem Poetry Contest contest entry
Artwork by cakemp55 at

This evening, the tide brings a rhythm
that encircles me, as if I were the island
you have spent decades mapping
and finally traveled to discover.

Sunset warms our eyes, our speech, our thoughts,
softens the older, cracked wooden planks,
reminds us we are still as steady
as this long, strong pier.

We know the meaning of a caress,
the way sea foam teases and pleases bare skin.
We know what it is to wait for other sailboats
to finish sailing between us.

We may not run as quickly as the sandpipers
nor stay up all night under an amorous moon.
But our oceans are tied to each other's thunder,
and I still blush at the lightning in your eyes.


Author Notes
Thanks to cakemp55 at fanartreview for a great ocean pier picture.


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