- Two Monarchsby Aussie
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The Queen and the Stag.
Two Monarchs by Aussie

Scotland is beautiful and wild
Wild and lonely, mountains high
High with animals looking down
Down at humans laid on ground

Balmoral Estate is a place for hunting
Hunting deer and pheasants
Pheasants are shot at by the Queen
Queen next to her Gillie

Gillie, or the manservant sighting the gun
A gun that would be used to kill the Stag
Stag stands majestically looking at Queen
Queen eyes the Stag, takes aim, and shoots

Shoots the Monarch of the Glen, clean kill
Kill the King of Glen Coe, deers weep
Weep for their leader, the father of their young
Young Queen claps with delight

Delight in killing him for his large antlers
Antlers three spans wide, meat and hide
Hide for a rug, meat for the table
Table fed with venison, choice

Choice she made, her land, her shot
Shot the beast because she could
Could prove how well she aimed
Aimed, fired, and killed the Monarch

Monarch of the Glen, antlers on the wall
Wall of head trophies, she was proud
Royals live in the past, still killing
Killing animals because they can


Author Notes
Elizabeth 11 Monarch. Her favorite place was the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. She got wind of the Monarch; because the width of his antlers was the biggest they'd seen, 27 inches across. Was it greed or need? I despise hunting unless it is for food. Because she owned the land, she owned the Stag. I think it was pride and vanity. Apparently, she was an excellent shot. Folks in London were upset that Princess Anne kept deer at Windsor for target practice. The Queen told her to get rid of the deer. The Londoners' were not happy about the killing.


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