- A Hellacious Big Bangby Tom Horonzy
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Spatial Space:
A Hellacious Big Bang by Tom Horonzy

No, not the one with Sheldon and friends,
but one that cataclysmically came to the end
causing all the debris to waft in space
where stars and planets stay in place,
never, if rarely, straying from their course.
Improbable, you say, save for centrifugal force.
Once upon a time, long ago, man believed God
created it all, so we bowed heads and stood in awe
until theorists pondered it was a colossal blunder
when a primordial soup decayed, blowing asunder
sending matter across an ever-expanding universe
where millions and billions of stars became emersed
in the darkness of space in a preassigned place
where they hurtle along at an accelerated pace.
Be as it may, when scientists and scholars rue the day,
after indubitably passing away, they will come to say:
"The Master of the Cosmos had a plan, drew the plan, 
was and continues to be in charge, conclusively."
That's all I have to say on Spatial Matter.

Author Notes
The photo is my own snapped here on Nevertheless Acres in Polk County, NC

‚??Sheldon‚?? is the lead character on a past popular American Teevee program for those who did not know
Remark suggested by a reviewer.


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