- Coward's way outby Mia Twysted
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Sometime we feel to broken
Coward's way out by Mia Twysted
Flash 100 writing prompt entry
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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
I never knew you could be so cold, but then; I never knew the real you. You wooed me with your charm, wrapped me in a heated embrace, and conned me into loving you. I was nothing more than a stepping stone you used to climb the ladder of success. How could I be so foolish? 
My heart shattered when you walked out that door wanting nothing to do with me or the miracle we created. I can never face those I betrayed for you or face my child with the truth. 
So, I am taking the coward's way out.

Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story. But you can only use 100 words. Exactly. Title does not count in the word count.

Author Notes
Hurt takes time to heal and unfortunately, in that moment of pain, you are so surrounded by so much sorrow that you can't see the light. But that doesn't mean it's not there.


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