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Happy Place by aryr
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My Happy Place is actually a pillow, it is created by a small pillow. That has in script 'This is' and in regular print 'My Happy Place'. It is printed on both sides in orange and the background color is a fake denim print.

When my ex-spouse announced on New Years Day that we should divorce and separate our ways. The plan was to separate on January 15th, 2023. We rented an SUV for the 14th and planned to move my boxes on the 14th. Surprise to me, when we finished with the SUV, I was surprised that he announced, I was to go ahead and leave.

I traveled all night Saturday leaving Gadsden, Alabama and arrived late Sunday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

It was a day of adventure.

I have spent almost 6 months in my efficiency and I love it. I still have my Happy Place pillow having added it to my various items and I am so glad.


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