- A Magical Mixture of Music by Badger_29
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A poem about A Magical Mixture of Music
A Magical Mixture of Music by Badger_29
Thanks to Cindy Sue Truman for "Music and Magic"
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A magical mix of melodies, 
is what your ears desire
Is good for many maladies
Fancy fuel for the fire
For music is very truly 
a language understood
When taking it in you'll duly
be all that you could and should 
When The melodies twine 
together there is magic
For therein lies a mine, 
of the festive and the tragic
The two dramatic themes 
of comedy and tragedy 
Play out so it seems
in humanities' comagedy
For if you play the piper, 
Betwixt dusk and dawn
Concepts becoming riper
and then settling on
A dawn of understanding, 
how it all fits together
Coming in for a landing 
through choppy seas and foul weather
Let the mysterious mixture 
of melodies bring you toward
Being the magical fixture
that compels you forward
The edge of a new reality 
ganging on by your nails 
Wanting desperately 
to be less desperate, less frail
As the vibrations suddenly bind you 
to that dawn of the new under-standing,
Then tomorrow will find you 
honing perfecting and standing
In the light of a brand- new
way of thinking, perceiving
As you bid the dark past adieu, 
Comprehending and receiving
Now you will be complete
and able to live a full life
Ready to be confident & compete
with more joy and much less strife!

Author Notes
I am preparing to publish my second book, and this will be the title poem.
Thank you for reading!
A special thanks to Paul Manton for his great in depth
And lancellot for his advice


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