- River of My Lifeby LisaMay
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Flowing sweet waters.
River of My Life by LisaMay
My Faith Poetry contest entry

From gurgling beginnings,
nothing could stop my destiny.
I chuckled to myself as I progressed,
overcoming obstacles.
Boundaries were defined and challenged.
At some point, there came a leap of Faith.
Was I blown away, dropping into emptiness,
just mist on the wind?

Middle age
Nature entered me.
I caught a sparkle in the Creator's eye,
and a million diamonds shone in the spray
of a waterfall's rainbow.
My life current was energetically propelled
to continue along the bounding river below.
Surging towards the horizon,
I saw limitless wide blue waters.
But not the sharks and shipwrecks.

Beyond the breaking waves,
the reef of grief and shattered shells,
my sweet water becomes mixed
with the salt of sweat and tears.
Now, in the comfort of God's enduring love,
I lie back and float.
Trusting His hand will support me,
I find calm repose.
All will be well.



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