- To Have Springby pome lover
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To Have Spring by pome lover
Spring writing prompt entry

“As Spring returns,” your writing states,

Yet ours has come and gone;

We, actually, the last few weeks,

Had cool rain, right along,


Greening landscapes, for a while,

We really did have Spring!

We often sat outside and wondered

At this foreign thing.


For, most years, after chilly, comes

The sun, with all its force;

Sometimes April can be hot,

And always May, of course.


So, though our Spring is over

When, for some, it’s just begun,

T’was lovely having one at all,

Refreshing, cool, and fun!



Writing Prompt
Write a poem about how spring affects you. It can be humorous, inspirational, romantic - whatever you feel as springtime returns.

Author Notes
this year we had SPRING! yay!


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