- Kangaroo and Hopping Mouseby pome lover
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Kangaroo and Hopping Mouse by pome lover
Animal Opinions writing prompt entry



“Well, aren’t you the hot shot?” said Ken Kangaroo

Showing off all of the things you can do?

The hopping mouse said, “For my size, I am strong,

And I can hop distances all day long.


Roo said,” But I hop thirty feet in one leap

Compared to your thirteen.” Mouse said, “You can keep

Your thirty and I’ll raise you one,  I can swim

And climb trees, too.” She smiled and looked up at him.


Roo laughed, and he answered, “Why you little twit,

You are too smart by half, I have to admit,

So, I say, we’re both hoppers, who for our size,

Should, in our categories, each win first prize!”


And that suited them fine, the mouse and the roo,

They settled their differences, and then they grew

To be friends for life, for they both knew inside

That they both did their best, and they both had their pride.

Writing Prompt
Write a humorous poem about one animal's opinion of another. Any style, rhyming or free verse welcome.
Have fun!


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