- To crown the Kingby Johnny-artist
This work has reached the exceptional level
as wisdom~ thus to accomplish majesty
To crown the King by Johnny-artist
Artwork by cleo85 at

the Christ with
A crown will~ family
The people of thought~ to behold warmth.

the Lord~ to appear
O the precious news~ o my
Jesus will be wed.

An advent~ thus cuddle
A virtue of approach will~ to confirm
A celebration~ the world... with witness.

The inspiration
One's interest to thus peak
The awesome judgment.

To advance with~ the Wise
To compare~ the hope of eternal luv
The romance~ to await sar... thus emerge.

A crown will
The people~ to approach
One's faithful understanding~ thus merge

One's advance ~ to satisfy an urge.

Author Notes
(3-6-9, 5-7-5, 6-10-10, 5-7-5, 6-10-10, 3-6-9, 9 syl. counts

luv~ to copulate;

sar~ sensual... activity... rules..

Thanks cleo85 for "Silk and Gold"~


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