- Free Your Museby jake cosmos aller
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Free Your Muse by jake cosmos aller
My Muse writing prompt entry

When I write poetry
Or short stories.

I really don’t know
Where the idea
came from.

Don’t really know
where it is going
until the end.

And don’t really know
What it all means.

I almost go into a trance
Letting my inner thoughts.
My muse so to speak

Freeing my mind
And the rest will follow

My muse directs
Me to write
What it wants to write.

When I finish
I do light editing.

Sometimes it needs
More work than
I can manage.

Just so I can let
My creative vision
Shine through these words
That I like to write.



Writing Prompt
Write a poem, any length, about your muse. Who or what inspires you to write?

Author Notes
I often don't know where my muse will take me, my job as a writer is just to channel the writings of the ever-elusive mysterious being that is my muse.


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