- Realized Lost Realityby Ricky1024
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My Life Past and Presently
Realized Lost Reality by Ricky1024
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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
"Realized Lost Reality"
Written on April 15th, 2023

The path is long and awkward.
Now the journey inward.
Outwardly speaking in relief?
Not much time left for this Latter-Day Saint Priest.
And I pray.
The path is awkward and ridden with Endless Misery and Pain.
Only past memories remain.
I've tried my very best but tired of living in this shame.
The results are always the same.
Playing the same old game.
God, don't know why?
And I cry.
The path I traveled no Human should sustain.
Death is constantly called out my name.
The Grim Reaper has my cell number on auto dial.
And I smile.
The path now is much shorter and I like it that way.
Soon, oh soon God
There shall come that better *Day.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem sharing an emotional feeling about something such as: life, death, war, injustice, marriage,loneliness, loss, hope, laughter, or a subject that might not be listed. Express an emotion such as fear, anxiety, love, hate, disgust, indifference, etc.

Author Notes
*Day: noun
1a: The time of light between one night and the next.
"the shortest day of the year."
b: DAYLIGHT sense 1.
"woke up at the break of day."
"sleeps during the day and works at night."
Note: no human being should be forced to feel the pain of constant death.
The loss of a child is a parent's worst nightmare.
It is a gift.
Yes a gift that keeps giving as long as you continue living.
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Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Only Don Jesus Christ.
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