- I Shant Forgetby Tom Horonzy
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Turning Twenty-one, a night ...
I Shant Forget by Tom Horonzy
    Free Verse Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

I remember when
below the stage lights, 
behind where bands played, 
I watched girls cantering by,
hosiery worn thigh-high,
 on an initial exploration
 of fems below the hem
 my very first time
visiting a Parisian cabaret. 

I was fervidly mesmerized,
 especially when legs kicked high,
 giving a view previously unseen
by a lad turning twenty-one.

I clearly remember thereafter, 
my father's howl of laughter, 
etched forever within my mind

during a night of wine, roses 
and women like Irma La Douce, 
who fanned a doozy caboose
 exiting mise en scène stage left.

 Shrieking wolves yelped aloud,
 clamoring for the cast's return,
 which they promptly did
to dance another can-can. 

Revelry abounded to a sound
 loud enough to harm one's ears
 but I didn't care in the least,
 until the morn, when the sun
 peeked its way thru the blinds
 reminding me what I drank, 
before I sank, passed out, 
on the bunk above my pop
after a nonpareil night 
commisioning my manhood.
Free Verse Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
This entry was to be for a fantasy contest currently coming due but the originator wanted two-thousand words, and this is a tad over one-thousand characters.
Adult rated? Edgy perhaps, but nothing blatant.

Picture by Kei Scampa on pexels.


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