- Scrumptious Menby Debi Pick Marquette
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They say we are what we eat
Scrumptious Men by Debi Pick Marquette
    My Guilty Pleasure Contest Winner 


 I was young when I first saw, Tarzan and his chimp swing

A Monkee made believers, from when we heard Mickey sing


My sisters were so taken in by Elvis and his grooves

He could mash potatoes with those hips, and how he moves


Our guilty pleasures may just come in any size or doses

I loved Charleton Heston, but just why a sexy Moses?


I had a crush on Billy Joel, the great piano man

I even drove to Iowa;  saw him and Elton, "jam"


Some friends and I made recipes to match men we adore

Gives names to the perfect foods that we would all die for


I went to see, "A Star is Born" cause I love Bradley Cooper

And When they killed him off,  I ate myself into a stupor


And all the Toms are awesome, and to them I give this favor

Collins, Selleck, Cruise and Hanks, they'll each get a drink flavor


Many kind of heart-throbs, are like foods with grit and hash

Marshal Dillon, Willie Nelson and how 'bout Johnny Cash


They all are irresistible, my heart and tongue are itchin'

My mind's not in the bedroom but is actually in the kitchen


My husband is not on this list, as those guys can't compare

‘Cause he is real and true to life; my real life teddy bear


I believe that Robert Redford is quite handsome and complex

And when it's said and done, I think his cake's better than sex

My Guilty Pleasure
Contest Winner


Author Notes
In case there is anyone who has not heard of "better than sex or Robert Redford" cakes, my last line may seem bazaar. They are names of some very rich and very tasty cakes.

I do like all the artists that I named and have followed their careers. But I have never named a food after any of them. Last week I made the Robert Redford cake. And that is where I got these silly ideas from.

I had a cake decorating business in my home years a go, I would find a way to make anything they wanted. No computers back then.
That picture was one of the few earlier cakes that had bikini's on. After that every single one was ordered naked. Once people saw pictures of them, nobody wanted the bikinis. (I am sure some of the men would have preferred I show one of those for this poem)
I did them because we needed the money and after all they were my art, and the human body was nothing to be ashamed of. However I only made male cake.
And yes I realize Marshall Dillon was fictional.. just checking to see if anyone would catch that, LOL


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