- Meet the Author Part 2by barbara.wilkey
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After-Action report on my first Meet the Author
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: Meet the Author Part 2 by barbara.wilkey

I can't say thank you enough!!!!!!

Many of my fans asked me to report on how my first 'Meet the Author' night went. I am excited and pleased to learn that romance is alive and well in the novel category. YES!!!!!!!!! Arm in the air and cheering!!!!! A little dance with it too. LOL

Okay, there were eight authors present, press from two different newspapers, library workers, and about 6-8 people. LOL Not a lot, but was told it wasn't publicized well. I was the only romance author there.

After my talk was over, I was pleased at the number of people who came to me and commented they were happy to hear that I stick to my beliefs about writing clean, family friendly romances. I've had some negativity on FanStory about that. This praise let me know I am on the right track. I sold one each of my four published novels. I was pleased with that, especially with the number of people in attendance.

Now, for the best news. I will be in my local newspaper and a profile will be in the Killeen Newspaper. Killeen has the population of 157,749 and literally just across the street is Harker Heights with the population of 33,097. You can't tell where one town ends and the other begins. So possibly my name could reach about 190,000 people. That's not counting the Fort Hood population who reads the Killeen paper.

There's additional good news. The Harker Heights library has a 'Meet the Author' night in August. I've been invited to attend that. And I was put in touch with the person who does 'Meet the Author' at the PX on Fort Hood.

One of my reviewers stated they were surprised I posted my first one about the 'Meet the Author'. I did it because I wanted to let you know that as long as we believe in our writing and WRITE, we can ALL achieve this. This would not be happening for me without all of your support. I wanted to be an encouragement to all of you authors.


I'm sending love, prayers, and hugs to all of you.


Author Notes
I didn't spend a lot of time editing this. It was very spur of the moment.

Thank you for your well wishes, prayers, and support.


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