- Entering the Q Anon Mindset by jake cosmos aller
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I tried to get into the mind of a Q Anon cult member
Entering the Q Anon Mindset by jake cosmos aller
Why can't you see it? writing prompt entry

Over the years

I have met people

Who had gone down

Deranged rabbit holes.

Many of them believing

The most outrageous conspiracies

But lately it seems,

That the craziness

Has become more mainstream

Fueled by social media,

Right-wing and left-wing extremists

Who both scream about fake news,

Information control and the deep state.

The hardest to understand to me

Is the Q Anon conspiracy

On the face of it

It sounds just insane.

There is a secret cabal of satanic pedophile

Old men and woman

many prominent figures among them 

who kidnap children,'

subjecting them to torture

and drinking their blood

during satanic black masses.

Some of whom may not be human.

But secret reptilian shape-shifters

Who have been secretly controlling

The world since the time of Atlantis.

The former President has been battling

The evil cabal and was forced out

By the deep state conspiracy.

Because he was defending

Traditional Christianity

Even though he is the anthesis

Of what Christianity

Is supposed to be about.

And that some day

Any day now

There will be massive storm

And the evil cabal members

Will be arrested and exposed.

And Donald Trump the legal president

Will be reinstated to oversee

The take down of the deep state cabal.

The latest absurdity

Is the comparison of the prosecution

Of Donald Trump to that of Jesus.

Yet somehow 20 percent

Of my fellow Americans

Believe elements of this conspiracy

And they do not understand

Why people like me

Can not see what they see..

Demanding that  

that I do my own research

And I would see the truth

As they see it.

I tried that

reading the various comments

from Q and his followers

None of it made any sense

To me seemed to be nonsensical

Nostradamus, like verses

By the Q Anon prophet

Who has been silent

For some time.

And when you offer counterarguments,

Pointing out the utter absurdity

of their way out there outlandish beliefs

They merely nod, and say,

“That you are part

of the deep state conspiracy.”


That in the end

Is as far as I can go

To enter the mind.

Of the deranged

Q Anon followers

Who live all around us.

Writing Prompt
There is a 2000 word limit where I would like you to describe in words at least three symptoms a schizophrenic or physcotic person might face in there day to day life. This could be physical, emotional, vocal, anything you would like to include but there must be three of them. You may choose whether your character is on or off there medication; of if they are diagnosed or not.

Author Notes
I tried to wrap my head around the Q anon movement beliefs and failed to understand how anyone could believe this nonsense. Perhaps I am part of the deep state after all?''

oh, I did not mean to be disrespectful of anyone, people do have the right to believe whatever they want to believe, but I don't get the Q anon believers.

prompt words

Have you ever wondered what a person with schizophrenia or psychosis would face throughout their day to day life? In this contest I would like for you to get into the mind of someone with schizophrenia or psychosis. Describe what they feel, hear, see, the way they think. If you do not know anything about schizophrenia/psychosis you can always look it up. Best of luck to you!



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