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A real pleasure after supper and a busy day.
It's Hard to Say No by HarryT
My Guilty Pleasure contest entry

After dinner, I hear the battle of my yang and yin going on in the canyon of my mind. Yin says, "Yes, enjoy yourself. You deserve it." Yang counters with, "You're getting a little chubby around the middle. Do you really think you should indulge in those fattening things?"

I wash the dishes and then sit down to relax and watch television. But the battle rages on. Yin and Yang clashing back and forth causing fever to engulf my brain. I grab the remote and change the channels, hoping to quell the battle instead I hear small voices calling from the refrigerator. "We are here. We are waiting to provide your well-deserved pleasure."

You see, I like to keep my chocolate cookies and ice cream in the freezer. When I want to enjoy my guilty pleasure, I crush a chocolate chipper into a bowl and mix it into vanilla ice cream. My favorite treat of all. Somehow, the voices and my Yin wins out and inevitably, I enjoy my guilty pleasure, of course, with the mental proviso to my Yang that I will do twenty sit-ups in the morning.


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