- A Hoping Heartby Mia Twysted
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A Hoping Heart by Mia Twysted
Dear God contest entry
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"You are never given more than you can handle."


I have been told this a million times and tell it to others in times of weakness and turmoil, hoping it helps them somehow. Is it true?


When you give us challenges and put obstacles in our path, do you weigh out the cause and effect it has on our lives? Do you pay attention to how empty and defeated we feel?


I wonder this because when it seems we are at our lowest when we are juggling more things than we have hands and feet, something else adds to the ever-growing pile.


Why can't you tell us your plan for us? Why does it have to be such a mystery? Is there a way for us to learn the lessons that don't push us to the brink of breaking?


Why does my son have to have his heart broken?


Why did my daughter abandon her son?


Why does my grandson have to grow up knowing his mother was not there for him as a child? I am glad you gave him the father you did. One who is kind, loving, and puts his son first. One who allows my husband and me in that little boy's life because he knows how much we love him, and he loves us.


Are you listening to us when we cry? Do you hear our screams and nightmares? There are so many souls in this world; how can you be there for everyone?


Why are there homeless vets sleeping on the streets? What kind of reward is that to give to those who fight for our freedom? How is that right? Can you not provide us with peace?


We need help understanding. Do your messages need to be encrypted? There are so many interpretations of your word that no one alive knows the absolute truth.


Where did you come from? How were you born? What gives you the powers that allow you to intervene in our lives? Why do you know all, and do you know what is best?


What has your life been like, and how did you learn the lessons you have? Is there someone guiding you as you have chosen to guide us?


I am thankful for the gifts and many blessings in my life. I am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. And there is nothing that I would choose over that.


Getting to this point in my life was hard. There were so many heartbreaks. So much pain; it hurt so bad. I cut myself when I was younger. As I bled and cried, I felt your arms around me. I know you were there for me. I know you are there for me. Why was the pain so necessary? Why is the pain so needed?


Would not your presence being revealed unite the world? Would not it show that we are not alone and there is much more beyond what we can see?


I know my thoughts are rambled, but you will understand what I am saying. We are looking for answers, every last one of us. We all are searching for happiness and purpose, and I don't understand the mystery behind your ways.


As I write this, I feel a calmness overcome me, and there is a flash of strength. Are you telling me at this moment that I have what it takes?


I listen for words and watch for the signs you send, and I will continue to be comforted and comfort others with what I believe to be true.


"You are never given more than you can handle."


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