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Joey's Magic Airplane by pome lover
Children's Story contest contest entry


Joey's favorite toy was his little red airplane named "Sparky."

Joey zoomed Sparky around the house, landing him on the dining room table, swooping down into the kitchen sink, and then roaring back up into the air.

Joey could make his airplane do all kinds of wonderful stunts, until ... one day, it felt like Sparky was trying to get away. Joey didn't know what to make of that so he gripped the little plane tighter.

That evening after supper, as Joey was zooming Sparky around, the little plane decided it wanted to land by itself . Joey wasn't ready to land it, but Sparky gave a spurt of energy and scooted out of Joey's hand, landing, smoothly, on a near-by table where it rolled to the ver-ry edge, and stopped.

Joey couldn't believe what he'd seen. He picked Sparky up. "How did you do that?" When the little plane spoke, it scared Joey so much, he almost dropped it.

Sparky said, "Why are you surprised that I can talk? You taught me to fly, and you taught me to talk, so now we can go on all kinds of wonderful adventures together."

Joey laughed. "That is soooo cool! Where would you like to go first?"

Sparky said, "around the world!"

Just then, Joey's mom came into his room. "Time for bed, Joey."

After Joey brushed his teeth, and got his pajamas on, he climbed into bed with Sparky. Mom read him a text from his dad who was in the Air Force, training recruits to fly.

"Your Dad says, "Tell Joey I'll be home tomorrow and I've got a surprise for him."

Joey laughed. "And I've got a surprise for him, too."

Joey woke up the next morning with a super idea. Sparky wanted to go around the world? Okay. Joey took his globe off the bookshelf in his room, and put it on the table in the kitchen where there was more space.

Holding Sparky up near his face, Joey said, "Okay, Sparky, there's the globe of the world. Show me what you can do. He set the little plane down on the table.

Slowly Sparky started rolling across the table, then he began to rise up into the room all by himself. As he circled the globe, he waggled his wings as he passed Joey. Joey laughed, in delight, and made the airplane engine noise, "varooooom."

Joey was so excited, he picked up the little plane and said, "That was super, Sparky!" He turned to go outside and there, in the doorway, was his dad, his eyes open wide. "Did I just? ... did you ...?"

Joey laughed. "Sparky's a fast learner."

Dad sputtered, " But... but that's not poss..."

Mom said, "I think I need a glass of water."

Joey ran outside with Sparky and threw the little plane into the air. Sparky was like a frisky puppy; he loop-de-looped, circled Joey's head, zoomed and dived.

Joey yelled. "That was so cool!" He was laughing and watching Sparky showing off, when the next thing he knew, the little plane flew right into a bush.

Joey ran over and lifted him out.  "What if I hadn't been out here to get you outa that bush? You could've gotten broken, or lost a wing, or maybe ..."

Sparky said, "You finished fussin'? Maybe I need glasses."

Joey got the giggles. 'You are a crazy little airplane, you know that?"

Sparky shook leaves off of himself. "You still proud of me?"

"'Course I am, you silly show off."

Sparky grinned. "Hey, maybe I could teach you to fly. What do you think?"

Joey stopped and stared at Sparky. "Do you really think you could?"

"If I can do it, you can do it," Sparky said.

Joey stood still and waited. Nothing happened.

Sparky said, "Close your eyes and make a wish, and ... wish real hard. ... and then when you feel ready, shout ... VAROOM!"

Joey wished and wished real hard, and then, he shouted,"VAROOM!" And up he went, with Sparky flying beside him.
"Yahoooooo!" yelled Joey, as he and Sparky flew over trees and houses and play grounds and buildings, having a marvelous time.

As they flew, side by side, Joey realized that nothing below looked familiar. He yelled over at Sparky, "Do you know how to get us home? I don't know where we are."

Sparky gulped. "Nooo, I thought you'd know."

Joey looked down at the places they were flying over and saw a Pet Store. "Let's go down to the pet store and I'll call Mom."

So, they did.
                                                                                 ~ ~ ~

The next day, Joey and Sparky were sitting out in the back yard. Sparky said, "You mean you can't fly with me anymore?"

"No. I'm grounded. Mom didn't believe me when I told her we were flying and got lost."

"Well, let's show her."

"I don't know. I think I'd be grounded anyway."

Sparky said, " I've got it! What if we asked your mom to join us?"

Joey's eyes lit up. "You mean fly? You think she could?"

"I don't know; we did."

That night Joey, holding Sparky, walked into the den where Mom and Dad were watching TV.

Joey said, "Dad, I guess Mom told you about me flying and..."

"Son, I'm surprised at you, telling your mom a tale like that..."

"Dad, excuse me for interrupting, but I can show you. In fact, Sparky and I are inviting you and Mom to join us."

Dad and Mom looked at each other, frowning, then Dad's expression began to change, and all of a sudden he burst out laughing. "Son, if you can get your Mom and me up in the air, we'll fly with you... and Sparky, anywhere you want."

"Speak for yourself," Mom said.

Joey grabbed his Dad's hand and pulled him outside.

Mom said, "I'm just coming to watch."

"Okay," Joey said. "You've got to really WANT to fly. You've got to wish it over and over with your eyes closed and then when you feel ready, yell, 'VAROOM!'"

"Right," Dad said, winking at Mom.

Joey said, "Dad, you've really got to try. I'm not kidding. Look. Watch me."

That got their attention. They both watched Joey. He closed his eyes, and wished and wished with all his might that he could fly. Suddenly, he hollered, "Varoom!" and began to rise in the air. He circled over their shocked faces, smiling. "See," he said; "try it."

Mom and Dad held hands and closed their eyes. Joey could tell they were really concentrating. He was watching their faces. After a minute or so they both began to smile, and as they did, they yelled, "Varoom!" and rose from the ground into the air!

"I can't believe this," Dad said. "Look at us!"

"A flying family!" Mom said as she swooshed around, grinning from ear to ear.
                                                                              ~ ~ ~

So, boys and girls, if you're ever looking up at the sky and think you see a mother, father, little boy and a toy airplane flying over your house, you're not going crazy; wave at them. And if you want to learn to fly, too, holler up to Sparky, the little red air plane, and he will give you lessons.
He's magic, you know.



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