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Give Sylvester a break.
Just A Cat by prettybluebirds
Devil's Advocate writing prompt entry

Sylvester is not evil; he is just a cat. I mean, if you put a bird in front of a cat, he will do what every cat does, eat it. Tweety Bird is no exception. 
If you are a Loony Tune fan, I'm sure you recall that Granny received Tweety for Christmas. Of course, the first thing Sylvester did was pop the bird into his mouth, after which Granny picked Sylvester up and beat his butt until he spat Tweety out. That alone would make any cat resent the bird. Sylvester had always been Granny's spoiled pet. Her baby. Naturally, he developed a dislike for that little ball of feathers. 
Things didn't get any better as time went on. All Tweety had to say was, "I tawt I taw a puddy cat. I did! I did taw a puddy cat," and Granny would come swinging her broom. Poor Sylvester took a lot of beatings on account of that mouthy bird.
So, all I'm saying here is to give Sylvester a break. He only reacted as any cat would under those circumstances. How could one expect a typical cat to accept a situation like that calmly? It was bad enough that Tweety usurped his place as Granny's favored pet; the bird was a delectable little morsel too. 
Again, I repeat. Sylvester is not evil. He is only a cat, doing what cats do.

Writing Prompt
Pick you favorite villain. They can be from a book, cartoon, movie, fairytale, lore, or tv series, but must be fictional. You have 300 words or less to defend their actions and explain why they are so bad!



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