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Telling tales by Wendy G

Six-year-old Clara was the eldest of three girls.

“Dad, Evie …”

“I hope you're not telling tales!” her father interrupted.

“Dad, it’s important!”

“Clara, I’m just saying goodnight to Jackie. Meanwhile, please think about whether you're telling tales. If it’s important you can tell me in a few minutes.”

Jackie was nearly two. She was exuberantly affectionate towards her father, kissing him with great abandon, all over his face and arms. Her father smiled happily. Little Jackie was such a treasure, so sweet-natured.

He returned to Clara.

“Well, Clara, is it still something you must tell me?”

“Dad, I was going to say that Evie …”

“You’re sure you’re not telling tales?”

“Dad, I am telling tales, but Evie needs a new toothbrush!”

“A new toothbrush?”

“Yes. Jackie took Evie’s toothbrush and put it in the toilet! Then she sucked on it!”

He groaned. All those kisses from Jackie …!


Author Notes
Names changed, but a true story.


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