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Unofficially working by Wendy G

Last week, I took my dog Sunny to the vet.

As I stood waiting to pay, I noticed another dog in the waiting room, obviously very distressed and fearful. His tail was tucked right underneath his belly.

Sunny observed him, gradually approached the dog, and stood about a metre away, tail wagging. Then he moved back towards me, but continued to observe the dog.

Sunny, tail still wagging, moved quietly towards the dog a couple more times, gradually getting closer. Sunny touched his nose, then licked him gently. A couple more repeats.

Then the dog’s tail came out from between his legs. They continued to touch noses, with gentle licks interspersed. Then the dog's tail started to wag happily.

Sunny will start next week as an official therapy dog - for people - but this small incident filled me with much joy. I know he will fulfil his role beautifully, and bring comfort, reassurance and pleasure to all he meets.


Author Notes
How much can we learn from dogs?!


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