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One Relation...Under God...
Mother and Child....One Pod. by rhonnie69
What do like best about a Woman? contest entry
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To me...this is what makes a woman the most interesting, fun, and trustworthy.
This is the main thing about her that makes her the one.

A woman is the only person in the whole wide world who has been
my Mother. She is #1. None other can compare with, Mom.

Mom is my mother. Yes. This is what makes her the one.
Mom is my very present help whenever I am in need.

And I can depend on Mom...when it is time for her to feed.

I won't say, that it tastes all that good. (yuck?!) is what I say.
But Mom is always persistent, and feeds me, anyway.

If love is an inch...Mom is a mile.
And her I love you the first face I saw smile."


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