- What I Like Best About a Womanby Tom Horonzy
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What I Like Best About a Woman by Tom Horonzy
What do like best about a Woman? contest entry

To begin, each one's diversified, 
unless they're twins, of course,
which is a horse of a different color,
but even then, they are differences
in height, weight, and proclivity
towards men; otherwise, they'd 
be warring with each other ...
unless they'd be a lil' kinky
which would be agreeable 
to somewhat an extent.
At large, I find 'em soft and cuddly.
Trustworthy, yet ambiguous
 for when speaking to men,
being wired differently,
hes don't always understand
what shes might mean
particularly  if it deals with sex
for women are rather selective
regarding the where and when
whereas males are ready anytime,
and location doesn't matter.
Lastly, let me say,
more important than mine looks,
which remains provocatively acceptable, 
is her patience for understanding,
that given time, I'll come around
to agree with whatever she says,
for I have a fear, there's no one else
who'd put up with the crap I dole out.
That's what I like about my woman!


Author Notes
What a fun contest to begin the year.
Don't be critical on any mispelt word, like mispelt, for they are herein intentionally.

Photo is how a man and a woman should be with one another, and this snapshot are friends of mine from a Valentine dance


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