- Activate The Intellectby easyeverett1
This work has reached the exceptional level
A poem,
Activate The Intellect by easyeverett1

Internalize the beauty that
surrounds your sacred place,
reach out to feel the breeze as it drifts by.
Caress creation's origins
imbued with nature's face
and hear lord Gaia praise you with her sigh.

The riddle in the middle
contemplates the truth of man,
for therein lies the balance men must seek.
Do not abandon Nature
but accommodate Her plan,
to gather strength and glory from the meek.

Rejoice in every choice you
make that bleeds away the blight
and brings about a righteous light revealed.
For truth shall give a purpose
to the prophets perfect sight;
one day the earth, in beauty, shall be healed.

Yet danger can but hover
like a lover in the pit
where accidental evil waits its turn!
So delve within yourself
to find perfection binds the fit;
the prophet's oratory says to learn!

No matter what a label
or a fable may direct,
reach out to relish reason with your mind.
The search for truth is ancient
and the Pharaohs did neglect
all signs the mighty Tigress left behind.

Through Persian and Egyptian
reigns the truth has faced all fears,
that forged the futile fumbling found today.
Mankind has been immersed
in loss and shed too many tears;
no longer can we hope or even pray.

So activate the intellect
and then dissect each part
of complex continuity we breed.
Let man and nature come,
as one, to greet the final start,
in restoration of man's fertile seed.



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