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Gone But Not Forgotten
Called Home by irishauthorme
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I'm writing to an old friend,
I haven't seen in a while.
And I still see her in dreams,
those deep blue eyes, her bright smile.

Yes, she left me some time ago,
The year I can't remember.
But I do recall the month,
a cold, snowy December.

So that Christmas was lonely,
it was a hard time of year.
No lights, no tree, no presents,
no jiggered hot cups of cheer.

Why did she have to leave me,
what does all this sorrow mean?
Did she hear someone call her
from some forgotten dream?

No service, no sad mourners,
just me, standing there alone.
Stunned, I was still denying,
Could not believe she was gone.

Do I just feel that warm smile,
and still see it in my mind?
And see a face in the clouds,
when the far, blue sky is kind?

I visit the still, quiet place,
read the lettering on stone.
Gone, but never forgotten,
an Angel was called back home.



Author Notes
A devotional to a dear, lifetime friend I lost a while back. I am not a poet. These lines came to me while listening to a John Prine song, "You Got Gold Inside Of You."
Thank you to avmurray, for the beautiful picture! Thanks for reading.


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