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I Love You Because contest entry
No Restrictions by DragonSkulls
    I love you because.... Contest Winner 

I love you because you'll never restrict me,
as my poetry site does.
If I might win at games we play
you still allow me to participate in the next.

You'll never hold me back from expressing myself
and freely welcome me with open arms,
unlike my writing site.

You're like a beautiful daily prompt
that doesn't savagely punish me
for taking the gold
once in a precious while.

I'll never hear from your lips,
"You are uninvited,
for within the previous month
you've bested the masses."

If nothing less,
you would encourage me to thrive
rather than weep
in discouraging negligence.

You'd never sever my enjoyment in twain,
leaving me heartbroken
or devastated
to wallow amid my growing woes
half the days of the week.

I'd never be forced
to resort to whining like a little child
just to be heard
for such an injustice.

Unlike my poetry site,
you love me.
And simply for that...
I dearly love you.

Writing Prompt
A poem about your significant other.
I love you because....
Contest Winner

Author Notes
If it isn't clear to some folks, I don't like the fact that the site
replaced half of the daily prompts with "Winless" contests. I'm
mainly on here for the contests and might win one here and
there but feel I shouldn't be excluded from entering because of
this. I say just have two prompts a day, one for everyone, one
that's winless. Sounds like a simple solution to me but who am
I to say?


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