- Breatheby Brett Matthew West
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Dribbles And Drabbles
: Breathe by Brett Matthew West
    Flash 100 Contest Winner 

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Huddled together everyone knelt silently. A firm finger over our mouths reminded us to stay quiet. Collectively, we held our breaths.

I whispered, "Don't let it be our door!"

The nervous door handle jiggled.

Again, I whispered, "Not our door!"

Once more, the door handle moved. This time with gusto, then fell still. Eternal moments passed like seamless hours.

I murmured, "Someone has to halt this insanity!"

Shattering the eeriness, the announcement bell chimed, "ALL CLEAR! THE LOCKDOWN HAS ENDED!"

We breathed deep as I encouraged my young charges, "Okay, kids, everyone back to their desks. The drill is over."

Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story. But you can only use 100 words. Exactly. Title does not count in the word count.
Flash 100
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Learning, by VMarguarite, complements my Flash Fiction piece.


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