- The Nights My Lights Went Outby Tom Horonzy
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A Conversation with Myself
The Nights My Lights Went Out by Tom Horonzy
What Would You Say If Dead writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
What in the world's come over me?
"A yard of dirt six-foot deep."

Why am I wearing a death mask?
"You ran face-on into a tree."

"It's now a mug no one should see."

Why did I do that? I'm seventy-three.
"You were... before overdosing on speed."

What'd I do that for?
"You got confused. The pill was blue."

Was there a woman?
"Yes. She was on the run."

"You. Who was 6' 6" and big as a log.
That's why she hid behind the tree?"

I'm confused. Was she afraid?
"Maybe. She was only four-foot-three.
And she had taken ecstasy."

I see. Had she a name?
"Of course. Irene.
The party was over.
She turned off the lights
after the fat lady sang.
Causing you to ram that tree."

How did the tree make out?
"Better than you; save for the knothole."

"Think about it.
Blue pill. Full speed ahead.
Unclad. Wearing a smile.
Girding a guided missile."

What of the missile?
"Missing in action.
Likely, stuck in the tree.

Probably, for it seems to be
no longer a part of me.

And what of Irene?
"She was last seen leaving,
with an "attending" physician."

This is one hell of a development
to be left remembering, isn't it?

Writing Prompt
I wrote this piece and couldn't find a home so; I created my own. Join me.


Author Notes
Your entry can be written in a number of ways. I chose to write a fractured fairy tale
about a night where I died, leaving me with unanswered questions. A two-way conversation with myself.
The sexual warning is a courtesy but not so blatant as to be crude, I think.
Picture taken by me: Seemed appropriate for the theme.


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