- Two Treat or Not Two Treatby Mama Baer
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An early memory
Two Treat or Not Two Treat by Mama Baer
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Though time travel evades scientists, my wandering mind has no trouble zipping back through decades of memories. Tonight, it landed me in the spacious backseat of my grandpa Vic's candy-apple red 1970 Lincoln continental. My parents often took short trips for dad's work, which meant my sister Teri and I enjoyed frequent sleepovers with our grandparents.

It was summer, and my best guess is Teri and I spent the day rotating from jumping rope in the driveway, to watching the fancy RCA color TV, to me sprawled on the couch with a root beer popsicle in one hand and my latest mystery book from the library in the other.

As night fell, Grandpa announced he was taking the four of us for a treat.

The anticipation of a treat is, for me, the best part of the whole adventure. Grandpa drove us out of city limits to a neighboring town and one of their favorite spots: Dairy Queen. It had been a hot day and a cold, creamy cone would hit the spot, I finally decided. Grandpa relayed my choice through the intercom. Thinking Teri would follow suit, I was blindsided by her selection: French fries. As I watched her lick her fingers with satisfaction, I felt I made the worst decision of my nine-year-old life! Grandpa turned the car toward home, and Grandma turned to look at us. I was on the verge of tears! Empathetic to a fault, when she heard my quivering "I would rather have French fries" in reply to her "What's the matter," she immediately hollered, "Vic, turn around!"

"What in the Sam Hill for?" he bellowed back.

"We should have ordered them the same thing. Shaunna is upset she didn't get fries."

"Oh, for Pete's sake!" Grandpa muttered as he maneuvered the Lincoln in a U-turn.

Thankfully, my grandparents continued to love me despite my doubling their trouble that summer night. I ended up with dripping ice cream over a tray of fries while Teri topped off her treat with a vanilla cone!

Writing Prompt
Write a true story that includes you and your grandparents.
Word count 300-350 / Black font only
Keep it G rated--suitable for children
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Author Notes
It's embarrassing, I know. My indecision plagues me to no end!


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