- What I Think about Agingby pome lover
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What I Think about Aging by pome lover
What Think You of Aging writing prompt entry


Anyone who smiles and says that aging’s not so bad
Has pro’bly had all kinds of lifts and tucks
But since I haven’t had them, I am here to tell you now
That aging is a struggle; aging sucks!
I must say I admire those who grow old gracefully,
No talking ‘bout their aches and pains and such;
They let their hair turn gray and get a flattering haircut
They laugh a lot; I like that very much.
I find, however, that my friends and I do talk about
What ails us and the medicines we take
Well, we’ve gotten to that stage; it is our life, these days
And the best of it, I think we make.
That’s not to say that it is fun; I wouldn’t lie to you.
All kinds of things are lost and don’t return
For instance, short-term memory loss, forgetting things just said,
It’s maddening and I find I'm in slow burn.
I know I know the words, but they’ve decided to take flight;
My brain’s a blank as for the words I clutch;
They’ll probably resurface in the middle of the night
Which isn’t helpful, thank you very much!
Gravity and wrinkles are the new replacements for
Symmetry and skin as soft as silk;
I must say, however, that my skin’s still nice and soft
Except it looks like mottled buttermilk.
So long sleeves are in order though it’s hot as hell outside
But there's always air conditioning somewhere;
Especially in the grocery store’s refrigerated aisles,
I smile as sleeveless people shiver there.
That “aging’s not for sissies” you can take straight to the bank
But just because it’s true, don’t make it gold;
For the saying really underestimates the problem here:
Sissies get old too, I am told. 
So, since there’s no escaping, best to take it as it comes,
Enjoy friends and family and laugh;
And try to be as happy as it’s possible to be,
And for heaven’s sake forget your latest gaff.


Writing Prompt
The topic for this poetry contest is: What Think You of Aging

Write a poem that somehow incorporates the topic. The poem does not have to be specifically about the topic and creative approaches are welcomed. But contest voters will be asked to consider the topic when making a choice for a winner.


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