- Respect Each Lifeby LisaMay
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A good deed done.
Respect Each Life by LisaMay
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My father taught me with a gentle way,
so I heed his caring words each day:
''Live and let live — don’t take but give;
each life will have important work to do.
Respect each life and I’ll be proud of you.''

Long ago when I was young,
we children loved to play with water for our fun.
On the sloshy sidewalk one hot summer’s day,
I saw a spider nearly swept away.
I grabbed a stick and helped it out of there,
to show I truly was aware.

It stared at me a moment, then was gone
into the shadows to live on.
Since then our home was always free
of flies and bugs — that spider had a spree.
A good deed done. Both of us won.


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