- American Exceptionalismby belinda45
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Americans are ecclectic
American Exceptionalism by belinda45

In this world of make-believe
We practice truths others perceive.
We practice these confusions
And people plan for revolutions.

We can't apply logic or reason of mind.
We close our mouths and comply.
If we don't, we're vilified and silenced,
Shouted down, labeled, and distanced.

Is there a point when we can recognize
Foundational truths are demonized?
The fabric of our country tears
More with each challenging stare.

The need for moral guidelines abound,
And human compassions endowed
To those with whom we disagree
So at some point we can guarantee

The continuation of our freedom
And a growing heart for wisdom.
Maybe then we can save the Republic
Despite ethnicity or speech, Americans' eclectics.

Author Notes
My frustrations in rhyme.


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