- Wrongly I Write by QC Poet
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As the Often As I Might
Wrongly I Write by QC Poet
Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry

Wrongly I write,
As best as I  might,
To resolve my inner plight?
Or avoid a self inflicted blight?

Both are reasonable and right,
Just hope it doesn't end in a fight!
Won't that be quite a sight?
Throwing my left as I  write.

From my toes tips up to my height!
Never ill-willed wrongly I'll write,
Trying to keep the verses tight,
With a smaller rhyme still in it's site.
Although I'm not that bright,
And am facing some fright,
Waiting for creative juices to ignite
I'll continue to wrongly write!

Author Notes
Wrongly I Write
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) QC Poet/ Chochee Medina


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