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Temptation Poetry contest entry
Fourteen by DragonSkulls
Temptation Poetry writing prompt entry

     I'm tempted to write a story
     yet quickly change my mind.
     I wrote the same but yesterday
     and found a truth unkind.

     I then was tempted just as now
     and gave to sweet desire.
     I posted it in hopes of praise
     for masses to admire.

     I paid the price for fame it seems,
     and bought the piece awake,
     not knowing just how vain its worth
     promoting it forsake.

     At first the ten to breathe it life,
     then pump by pump it grew.
     My vested gold in willing trade
     for chase of one's review.

     The first reward, so beautiful
     that mine own heart believed
     the six would brace in strength to reach
     the top of "Well Received."

     Its goal was met, thus peaked the list.
     My readied quill in wait.
     Then passing hours rent in twain
     the vigor of its weight.

     A day has passed and now I see
     temptation I'll refuse.
     Why waste the gold promoting prose
     for fourteen little views?


Writing Prompt
Write a poem any style or length that deals with any aspect of the topic, 'Temptation'.

Author Notes
Yep, wrote a story for a blind contest and promoted it up to
82 cents. It reached the Well Received list and then the very
top of the Well Received list. It was up there all day and night
and most of the next morning. There was a total of 14 views
on the piece in that whole time. 14 views. I'm dumbfounded,
to be honest. What a waste of fake money.

Sorry, just had to vent. Lol


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