- First Class Foolsby JPGeo
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In Contempt of Congress
First Class Fools by JPGeo

Two houses of hypocrites and hypnotists
Telling US, just watch the swinging watch
Lobbyists latching like Bogart's leeches
Political patrons padding your pockets

"Of, by and for the people", what a joke
More like of the Party, by the PAC, for Myself
Gerrymandered lines of voting yokels
Entitling peons to a national soapbox

Oh, how your roots grow long and deep
Under houses that have no term limits
Legislative branches barren and fruitless
On obstinate, obstructive old trunks

Conservative, liberal...labels to loathe by
Demagogues of denigration
Mucking in mud makes you slimy and slick
Like twitternet catfish gulping for air

Fly home, first class, for a few photo ops
Give town hall answers without answering
Slither, first class, back to the capitol
Your committee chair leather needs facetime

So a question for you congressional hacks
What will you do when our champion arrives
She'll make a new party and we will all dance
And for you...history will hardly have time

Author Notes
My senator said he could not vote for Judge Jackson because her committee answers were evasive. This from a man I have never heard give a straight answer. So I ranted.


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