- No Hearses in Heavenby Melody Ringo
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Encouraging words when dealing with grief & loss
No Hearses in Heaven by Melody Ringo

On days when a loved one is laid to rest,
Our hearts are so heavy, and we do our best,

To honor their memory and celebrate life,
Be they our child, a parent, a husband, or wife.

As we gather together with family and friends,
To cry, to remember, to make our amends,

Outside the church a black limo awaits,
To carry the remains to a final resting place.

That's how we do things down here on Earth
A service, a casket, a church, and a hearse.

It's different in Heaven, oh so different indeed!
You see up in Heaven, for a hearse there's no need.

No tears and no mourning a loved one who died.
As our loved one arrives, Heaven's gates open wide.

A glorious celebration of pure joy ensues!
Heaven rejoices as a life now eternal, renews.

No sorrow or sadness, no tears, and no pain.
Only happy reunions, sweet peace, and great gain.

While we here on earth do mourn and are reverent,
We'd do well to remember there are no hearses in Heaven.


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