- The Difficulty of Loveby Roisin Liew
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Outer Love, Self-Doubt
The Difficulty of Love by Roisin Liew
Love writing prompt entry

It's so difficult to tell a person,
A person I love,
that I
love Them.

Shaking your head,
Scrunching your face,
Raising your delicate hands to your eyes,
You say
"One cannot love me."

But I do.
I do.
But I hate you, too.

It's so difficult to tell a person,
A person I hate,
that I
love Them.

Sobbing inside,
Reminding you day after day I love you,
Hearing your refusal...
After day...
It's exhausting.

But I do.
I do.
I love You.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about something or someone you love.

Author Notes
This is based on simply how I feel at the moment. How our personal worlds are filled with feelings of unworthiness. But in a person's world, they are the only one who can see that "unworthiness". Everyone else sees their triumphs and their downfalls, and loves them more for it. So I ask you to accept the love that people wish to give you. It's true; You are loved.


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