- The Power of Persuasionby T B Botts
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I had a chance to make a change in the world
The Power of Persuasion by T B Botts
Super Powers writing prompt entry
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I went to bed that night with visions of the war in Ukraine rumbling through my mind. I'd watched the news earlier and witnessed famine in Africa, a story of child pornography on the rise, a commentary on the increase in suicides around the country and an update on the growing political unrest as the world struggles with inflation. As I lay in bed that night praying, an unmistakable inner voice spoke to me, as clear as if I'd been having a conversation face to face. I knew it was the voice of God. He was giving me a special gift. For one twenty four hour period, from Nine AM tomorrow until Nine AM the day after, he was giving me a super power. It was the gift of persuasion.

I struggled with my thoughts throughout the night wondering what kind of gift was that? Why not super strength or super speed or super vision like the comic book characters? What about super wisdom so I could solve health or financial or political issues? The more base side of my nature thought of how I could convince my wife to please me in ways only dreamed of, or perhaps I could use my power to direct people to send me money. In the end I realized the most good I could do with my power was to write letters to the owners of all the media outlets throughout the world and convince them of the golden rule.

Writing Prompt
You have super powers for a day. Write a short story.
Word limit : 250 words
Fiction only


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