- Boisterous Preludeby Ronni
This work has reached the exceptional level
deafening resonance
Boisterous Prelude by Ronni

Far off in the distance
eerie flashes of bolting thunder
crackling down from the sky
echoing nearer and nearer
across the plains
turbulent, boisterous prelude
before torrential, drenching refrain

Frenzied lightening seared the sky ablaze
deafening resonance at each climactic phase
indignant, menacing staccato from cloud to cloud
reverberating rhythm in ecliptic tow

At last, when the prelude's beats were spent
angry Maestro's baton demanded even more
resurrected symphony obeyed once again
with profuse downpour of heaven's tearful rain

From my quiet, humble seat on earth's broad plain
as the wind whirled in gustily adjoining chase
I curiously gazed from east to west, above and below
what a spectacular, breathtaking performance
without asking or seeking, a front row reservation
for entire event amid nature's nocturnal show



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