- Coming to Readby DragonSkulls
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Story Poem contest entry
Coming to Read by DragonSkulls
Story Poem writing prompt entry

      I opened up my favorite site
      to find something unique.
      I longed to read the poetry
      that's crafted with technique.

      At first I read the contest wins,
      in shock at what I saw.
      I shrieked so loud in disbelief
      it nearly broke my jaw.

      The scribbles for the site contests,
      that some had scribed in pen,
      made me think I traveled time
      to second grade again.

      Did, by mistake, I stumble on
      a children's writing site?
      The tears came pouring down my face.
      No, I was here alright.

      Then next I read of aging skin
      with boobs so low they drag.
      I'm old as well but draw the line
      with tits that flop and wag.

      A piece had won on someone's cat.
      I choked the breath I took,
      and then collapsed upon the floor
      where I convulsed and shook.

      I clawed my way back up the chair,
      my tortured brain amiss.
      I squinted through my tearful eyes
      and then I entered this.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type and any length that tells a story.


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