- Can You See nowby Tom Horonzy
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personification attempt
Can You See now by Tom Horonzy
Personification contest entry

Let me remind you, some time ago, I was the one you carefully chose. You felt then, I was the best for you, and as for my competition, you bade them adieu, and we left as a pair.

At first, you like what you saw, for your mirrored reflection had you look studious. But I felt certain, it was I that made you feel confident. You stood taller and smiled, which lifted me
as well.

And then... you began neglecting me with new contacts. I cannot see what you saw with them that I hadn't delivered previously.

What was it you saw through them, you hadn't with me? They couldn't frame you as handsomely as I, personifying your false intelligence, which you'll prove, when they fall to the floor, leaving you unable to see clearly.

Was I only used as eye candy?

Author Notes
This turned out better than I expected for my first endeavor writing personification.
Photo by your truly. Enjoy


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