- A Conversation with my Dog by Tom Horonzy
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I have often thought if dogs could talk
A Conversation with my Dog by Tom Horonzy
Laughter writing prompt entry

You know my friend,
the time has arrived
when you're finally
older than I. "Why?"
Elementary, my dear.
At least, according
to the theory that a dog
supposedly ages, near
seven years to our one.

"Who figured it so?"

Gee, I don't know.
Maybe because it takes
us longer to learn, thus
our lives have to be slow
for aren't we expected
to know more than thee?

"How do you figure?"

I have to learn to crawl
before I can walk and
caterwaul before I can talk
whereas you hit the ground
running around instantly
or at least comparatively.
We have to work for food
where you get fed just
by being our best friends.

Dog's reply:
"Just? It ain't that easy.
You please so easily in
throwing a stick where
we're commanded to run,
turn around to drop
our treasure at your feet
instead of getting to keep it."

"Would you like to try?"

I think I would if you could throw,
but you don't, so I can't give it a go,
now can I, my furry friend?
If I could, what'd be your command
when you can't even tell me, 'fetch'?

"But I can talk; you simply don't
respond to my yelps and barks."

Hmm. I do get lost in yips and yaps
and I apologize for my deficiency...
yet if that is so, I'd like to know
how is it now we're doing so???

"Subliminally, and here I thought
you thought you were smarter than me."

Hey. Wipe that grin from your face.
It's having me become disgraced by
the cat sitting over thar nonchalantly
licking its cowlicky hair constantly.

"Tee-hee. I see what you mean.
Would you like me to address Her Purr?"

Let's leave it at that to avoid a commotion,
for a feline, like her, is filled with emotion.
I know. I'm married and see my fill
with females blowing a gasket incessantly.

"Okay. I know of that, seeing how paw
always claimed my mom was a 'bitch'.
Come on, let's saddle up and leave
so we can get something to eat as I
cannot do so without your assistance."

That's a good idea, my always best friend.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that makes your reader laugh.

Author Notes
Best friends until the end, we should be able to communicate with our canine friends, and we, Buddy and I, do through facial expressions and a few murmurings.


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