- Having A Good Day by BlueMarble
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enjoying a day off
Having A Good Day by BlueMarble
Laughter writing prompt entry

Waking up this morning was hard to do,
When my feet hit the floor my face did too.
Yup - fell right out of that gosh darn bed --
Got a brand new lump on my head.
That dang carpet's not soft like they said it should be;
Least wise that's not how it felt to me.
Reckon I should have just crawled back in bed
But I went looking for some coffee instead.
Went to the kitchen and brewed up a pot
Poured me a cup and it was hot,
So gosh durn hot I dropped the pot.
Got it splashed all over me.
Them thar scars are a sight to see.
By then I wasn't feelin' so great at all,
So I picked up the phone to give the boss a call.
First day off I’ve had in a while;
Just thinken 'bout it gives me a smile.
I spent the rest of the day in my chair laid back -
Just me and the sun and a fifth of Jack.
Yup, I'm down right happy to say,
This has been one good day.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that makes your reader laugh.


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