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The Corona saga
: Free? by Iza Deleanu

Myth: free test kits! Reality-free until you get to the pharmacy, but you have to part ways with forty bucks because the need to know is more important than all the money.

Fact: before Christmas, all the freebies disappeared from all the pharmacies in Edmonton, and with that also disappeared the option for free PCR testing with Alberta Health Services. The reason was that the PCR should be received and reserved to "special people". The u special, if they needed to know if they have been " blessed" with Omi had to pay forty multiplied with two.

In short, time those rapid tests become a Russian Roulette.

Let me give you an example. My husband took one and fired a positive, then took a second and got a negative, and to be one hundred percent, he paid for a third one, just for laughs, and got a positive.

See if I was to make a choice I would have ignored the positive ones and stayed on the negative side, after all, we all are "flu-ing out" in the winter. Now they call the flu OMICRON! Go figure!

Mais non, my husband is the perfect citizen and went into exile for five days. He reported back to duty after five days and declared that it was just a damn flu.



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