- My Talentby GeraldShuler
This work has reached the exceptional level
Can even a shortcoming become a talent?
My Talent by GeraldShuler
A Limerick writing prompt entry

At limericks my talent is fine...
I write them each night as I dine.
But it seems rather poor
that right after line four
it never fails that I get too many words in the last line.

Writing Prompt
Create a limerick

From Poetry Dance:
A limerick is a short, often nonsensical or funny, poem. The rhyme scheme of most limericks is usually aabba.

A Five-line poem

The lines usually are:
Line 1 7-10 syllable, A
Line 2 7-10 syllable, A
Line 3 5-7 syllable, B
Line 4 5-7 syllable, B
Line 5 7-10 syllable, A
But this can vary for this competition.

A Five line, a humorous or thought-provoking poem is the requirement.
You can use the traditional rhyming scheme or create your own.
And syllable count is also your decision.

See poetry dance or other sites for great examples.

Author Notes
This goes against the grain of any limerick guideline but I like the way it still reads like a limerick.


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