- ''Brief'' Shopping Expeditionby Elizabeth Emerald
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Scott learns that size matters
''Brief'' Shopping Expedition by Elizabeth Emerald
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Scott, in need of new underwear, headed to a clothing store that was having a going-out-of-business sale.

As he expected, the place was mobbed. He managed to get a position at the table at which several shoppers were pawing the packages of boxers and briefs. As Scott took his place, it dawned on him that he had no clue as to how to select amongst the options.

As Scott stood stupefied, he felt the presence of someone behind him. He turned and beheld Barbie and Ken incarnate -- and upgraded. It looked as if Ken had beefed up with steroids and Barbie had boosted her udders.

Scott smiled at the couple; they did not return the smile. Scott realized they were waiting for him to make up his mind and yield his space.

Scott apologized for the hold up. He sheepishly explained that his mother had always bought his briefs, so he didn't know what size to get.

Barbie bent over, peered at Scott's package and said: Small.

* * * * * *

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Note: this is a true story.



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