- The Urical (Not oracle)by royowen
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A ballad.
The Urical (Not oracle) by royowen

Young Miah calls it urical,
a place where men can go..
Relieving all their tensions
they stand there row on row.

These wonderful accessories
of nuance's delight,
is how they write a language rich
send scholars into flight.

They learn to be inventive, in
a child's great word resource.
Invent a new distinctive tongue
a brand new writing course.

My grandchild watched her nannie clean
the men's bright toilet block.
She stood right by that urical
in quite a state of shock.

My wife said, just be careful child,
(without a man in sight)
That's where he-men stand row on row
to help them in their plight,

R.Owen 14/01/2022


Author Notes
This word was invented by my third grandson Miah, when he first saw a URINAL and asked what it was. Later when his cousin, Indah, first saw the Mens urinal when my wife was cleaning the toilet at the church where we attend, Said, Where do they sit?
My children have invented some fascinating new words to brighten the already interesting English language. Because they learn phonetically,
(and knowing mans propensity to hear what they perceive, or understand not necessarily what is actually said) the words come out in a brilliant pigeon English like sound.
I think I will write more on these words later.

Thanks for reading. R.Owen.
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