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Surprise Me contest entry
Lunch With The Parents by DragonSkulls
Surprise Me writing prompt entry

We were planning to visit my husband's parents for lunch. The
kids didn't want to go because Grandpa was always grumpy. I
couldn't really blame them because my husband's dad was just
a mean, old man. Despite their defiance, we still packed up the
car and headed out of town.

My mother-in-law was waiting at the door when we arrived. She
was excited to see us all, especially her grandchildren.

Even though it was only lunch, she still outdid herself with an
overabundance of food.

Halfway through the meal the doorbell rang. Mom answered
the door and had to sign for a registered letter. In an annoyed
voice, Grandpa asked, "What now?"

We all watched in anticipation while mom opened the envelope.
Her eyes grew wide behind her glasses as she read. "It's from
the county clerk. It says the preacher that married us forty years
ago wasn't actually licensed and it turns out we haven't really
been married all this time."

I said, "Oh no, that's terrible."

Then my father-in-law blurted out, "Are you kidding me? That's
great news!" He jumped up, grabbed his coat and ran out the
door. Before it slammed behind him, he yelled, "I'm free!"

My husband's father was never seen nor heard from again.


Writing Prompt
This is a flash fiction contest. Write a story that has a surprise ending. Since it is flash, the word count must be between 200 and 600 words. The ending can be funny, sad, shocking, etc. But the reader has to be surprised.


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