- Chasing after the SONby HarambeForPresident
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Chasing after the SON by HarambeForPresident
Sunset contest entry

The flight was delayed, again. The beastly Scandinavian man next to me grunted in annoyance and put his leg up on the seat in front of him. His hairy arm occupied my armrest.

An orange crack appeared in the clouds signaling the dawn of the sunset. A minute later we got the announcement for our departure.

Arching up through the clouds, we broke through pink cotton candy wisps, sandwiched between twin vanilla vapor layers, appetizer for the show up ahead.

Then, we rose over a sea of moguls. And now comes Rorschach.

A fiery dragon with liquid metal claws

A fantastic fox

A demonic frog with alien stalkish eyes popping out of its head

We were headed due East. So direct, so fast, that the sunset was happening in reverse.

Orange gave way to peachy yellow

The clouds thinned out

We were floating on nothing but a thin film of fog

How fast did we have to be going to be beating the sunset? Math time. 24 time zones. ~25k miles for the earth's circumference when travelling the longest "straight" route possible. That meant probably 1000 miles per time zone, which was also 1000 miles per hour... which wasn't possible in a passenger liner. We'd have to be around Mach 2 to be beating the sunset this fast. So what was up with the colors?

Slowly, inevitably, the colors started to change back to orange and fade behind us. I tried to estimate how many miles I could see from front to back. Maybe 50?

The Scandinavian was talking smack to the flight attendant for not serving him alcohol. She was a strong black lady, firm and professional, and informed him that the people in front of him who could drink had paid for that privilege. He retreated into his seat.

And then the sun hit me full in the face.

But then gradually the yellow light shed its strength, and I could look at the lava fireball directly. White puffballs appeared below, these ones unaffected by the light. Up ahead, the edge of fireball dipped below the highest cloud. The end was beginning.

In the time I wrote those words, a cloud came from nowhere and obscured the SON from my sight. Surely HE was now in paradise. Wait, wasn't God a THEY?

My sonset had been smothered. Chernobyl afterglow tainted the horizon, disrupting my reminiscing upon Christian grammar debates, and behind us, greyish purple like the emaciated flesh of a corpse recently passed. And then a wall of grey embraced us. The first signs of Cincinnati appeared below, awakening the night.

One last time the clouds parted ahead, granting a glimpse of an unrecognizable alien sky civilization, with one tiny orange spec on a cloud reflecting off the sun, now far beyond the horizon.

Coming in for landing, the invisible sunset now reflected off a winding river, like in the Disney preview. Foreground for an entombed Cinderella castle, alive only in the imagination, and instead of fireworks I could see the pedestrian lights on the Ohio riverbank.

Author Notes
"I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit." Ecclesiastes 1:14, King James version

written in real-time while flying, with minimal edits


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